If I joined Kinetic Driving School do I have to start paying franchise straight away?

No, you do not. Kinetic works on an introduction basis. We don’t even make you pay a reduced rate when you first start. You only pay franchise we Kinetic has given you ten introduction on a full-time franchise or three introductions on a part time franchise. We feel this is best and fairest way to start charging you your franchise. This way you have paying pupils and are covering franchise costs and making money before you even pay Kinetic a penny. Other driving schools might offer a free months franchise or half franchise for the first six weeks. This is something you should be very wary of. If they have only given you two or three pupils in this time, then you might only just be breaking even before the charge kicks in. As we say we are here to help you and your business grow and make money.

How many pupils could I get a week?

We aim to give you a full diary in the quickest time possible. It is not uncommon to have a full diary in three to four weeks. Though-out Kent, London and Essex it is not uncommon to have a full diary in two weeks. However, remember we do not charge franchise until you have received ten introductions. So you can rest assured you are our priority.

On top of franchise charges do you also charge a pupil fee like other driving schools?

The answer to this question is simply NO WE DON’T. Pupils are included in your franchise fee.

What areas do you cover and could I join Kinetic if you don't cover my area? Would that be realistic?

At the moment we cover Kent. Parts of Essex, Sussex and London.
And Yes you could join Kinetic if we did not already have an instructor in your area. As an ever expanding and popular driving school we do get many pupils coming through that we can not place or teach due to not having an instructor in their area. If you join Kinetic and we are not already in your area, you will benefit from all the pupils there that we generate already and our experienced marketing team will target your area specifically to get you fully booked. We also pledge that we will not over fill an area with instructors so you are always busy and in demand.

Is there any extra support Kinetic gives me to help my students pass their tests and are there anything else Kinetic offers my students, when they pass?

Yes, there is. We built our reputation on this. And we are proud to be known as one of the leaders in driving training. Kinetic was one of the first driving school to offer its pupils a free online theory training suite. When YOU join kinetic, you will be given a code to give to your pupils for our free online theory training suite. So you can guide them through their theory test.
We are also able to offer brand new car leasing deals to our pupils that pass their test. With prices starting from only £99 month plus vat for a new car. This means they have the option to afford a Safe New Car. We are also able to help provisional and new full licence holders obtain competitive their car insurance through our partners Marmalade. We offer a leading and professional service to all our pupils so you can be proud of the brand you work with.

Could Kinetic help me with my check tests?

Yes we can. Kinetic is Ordit registered and our Ordit instructors not only train new driving instructors but offer CPD and check test training to all of our ADI’s. All our Ordit trainers are highly skilled and dedicated to the highest level of training. This is what they specialise in and we encourage you to make use of them.

If I wanted to join Kinetic on a headboard franchise but need to buy or lease a car could you help.

This is very common and something we help our instructors with a lot. We can help you get great leasing deals through our contacts and we are able to access big discounts on New cars if you wish to buy. It’s all part of our service. That’s what we are here for. Helping you the instructor be a success.

We hope this has helped you and answered some of your questions.
If there are any questions you have regarding Kinetic Driving School franchise please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 542 8673 and we will be very happy to help.