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COVID Policy

The New Normal – Giving You Peace of Mind

Nothing is more important to us than yours and our instructor’s safety. Therefore, we are delivering our COVID-19 policy.

Here are Kinetic Driving School, safeguarding measures against COVID-19 whilst learning to drive has been at the forefront of our minds. We have developed stringent and practical policies to keep pupils and instructors as safe as possible in this new normal.

Of course, we are following the government published guidelines. We have added our additional policies on top of our original, so we can go as far as we can to push the safety boundaries to their limit and create the safest environment as possible.

These policies are in place with all Kinetic instructors, who have all agreed and complied with the policy.

Not only have we focused on cleanliness and hygiene, but we have also considered the risk of spread. We have implemented face masks for all pupils and instructors alike to keep everyone protected.

We have introduced instructor and pupil airport-style quick temperature screening with infrared, non-contact thermometers to give you confidence and peace of mind.

We have also integrated the NHS contact app between instructor and pupil as soon as it becomes available from the government.

We’ve gone to great lengths to develop the most stringent policies that will create the safest learning environment we possibly can.

What our new safety policy looks like in practice

Two People Keeping Distance And Wearing Masks

1. Your instructor will get out of the car and greet you. Keeping a distance, the instructor will use a non-contact thermometer to take your temperature.
Your instructor will take their temperature and show you. Anything up to 37.7 degrees is normal.

Sanitised Car

2. Your instructor will sanitise the inside of the car so you can see it has been done. This will also include outside doors and handles.

Person Wearing Mask And Sanitised Hand

3. Both you and your instructor will use hand sanitiser and will both put on masks. At this stage, you will be safe to get into the car.

Nhs App And Kinetic Logos

4. The NHS app will start to connect via Bluetooth, and your lesson will begin as normal; however, windows will be left slightly open to allow for airflow.