Driving Lessons Chatham, Medway, Kent

Driving Lessons Chatham, Medway, Kent

There are plenty of driving schools around, but knowing which one to go with can be a difficult decision.

We can help you with that! At Kinetic, all of our instructors are fully trained and accredited and offer well-designed lessons that will build students’ confidence for being out on the road as new drivers, as well as teaching them the practical skills needed to pass their test.

We don’t claim to be the biggest driving school in the Chatham area, but we do work hard to be the best.

As well as a full course of lessons for novice drivers, we also offer intensive courses, refreshers, motorway lessons and packages specifically designed for both manual and automatic cars; whatever you are looking for, we are confident that our first class instructors will be able to deliver it.

You’ll also have access to our state of the art theory training centre, letting you study at your own pace and sit sample tests when you feel ready. We offer all of this at a great price!

Our local instructors in Chatham, Medway, Kent

Driving instructors in Chatham, Medway, KentAll of our instructors are fully trained, and qualified and registered through the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency). They are highly professional and are known for their excellent customer service.

We have both male and female instructors who are very knowledgeable about the Medway area who can help you to feel relaxed and confident behind the wheel, making you a safe and reliable driver.

Right from your first lesson they will calmly teach you what you need to know, encouraging you and building your confidence in what can be a daunting environment.

Manual Driving Lessons Chatham, Medway, Kent

Manual Driving Lessons Chatham, Medway, KentManual driving lessons are what most people think of when they think about learning to drive, and these are our most popular type of lesson. You will begin with familiarising yourself with the car controls, and learning how the car works before you start to learn the driving process.

All of our teaching vehicles are regularly serviced and fully equipped to modern safety standards.

They also offer dual controls so our instructors can give you as much support as you need. We also offer a popular option of using an interactive theory training software on an iPad, which allows you to experience a manoeuvre virtually before attempting it in the car.

Many of our customers find that this virtual experience speeds up their learning significantly.

Automatic Driving Lessons Chatham, Medway, Kent

Automatic Driving Lessons Chatham, Medway, KentSome people prefer an automatic car to a manual, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Automatic cars are especially popular in urban areas, where almost constant clutch control can be something of an issue!

We can offer you purely automatic tuition in one of our fleet of automatic vehicles with all of the excellent quality features you would expect great tuition, a well-maintained car with dual controls and full support for the theory test.

Do be aware that you will not be able to drive a manual car under the terms of an automatic licence, so bear in mind that your options will be slightly more limited although there is plenty of choice in the automatic car market.

Intensive driving courses in Chatham, Medway, Kent

Intensive Driving Courses in Chatham,Medway, KentOur intensive driving courses are perfect for you when you want to pass your test quickly. There are all sorts of reasons for choosing this type of lesson programme, such as a new job or a change in family circumstances or perhaps you just like to get things done quickly!

Whatever the reason behind your choice, you can be sure that our excellent instructors will fast-track you on the road to success without any compromise on the quality of your tuition.

On average, drivers on one of our intensive driving courses only need around 30 to 35 hours of tuition – way quicker than the national average of 45 to 47 hours.

We operate a voucher system at Kinetic, which allows you to use as many as you need, each one is worth an hour’s tuition time. If you are ready for your test quicker than expected, you can cash in any vouchers you have remaining.

Great lessons with great prices

The most important thing for our instructors in Kent is that you learn to drive as well as you can, not simply as quickly as you can, and we know that everyone learns at his or her own pace.

This is why we offer a different pricing strategy, with great discounts and introductory offers available. Whether you want to book a few lessons to see how you get on or receive a bigger discount on a block of lessons, we have a great deal for you.

We understand that life changes can mean a newly discovered need to drive, so we also offer special discounts for students and new mums to enable a little bit more freedom and independence.

We also offer gift vouchers which make brilliant presents, and our team in Chatham can even arrange for the first lesson to be a total surprise!

Free online theory training suite

Included with all of our driving lessons is access to our great theory training suite. The theory training suite offers you a series of simulated theory tests and a guide to all the DVSA questions that have been set.

You’ll receive a password to the site when you book your first lesson with us, and you can access all the resources straight away.

You can log in whenever is convenient for you and work through at your own pace.

You can sit as many tests as you like, including a full mock exam. Each time you complete a session, you’ll receive a report on your progress. We get a copy too so we can see if there are any areas we need to focus on during your lessons.

Access to this site is an excellent way to consolidate what you learn during your practical lessons and improve your general road awareness.

Car insurance for learners and new drivers

As well as making sure you are safe on the roads, and we can help to find you a great deal on provisional insurance for while you are learning. Once you’ve passed your test, we can arrange very competitive cover at a discount price.

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