Driving Lessons Dartford, Kent

Driving Lessons Dartford, Kent

Deciding who to take your driving lessons with is a big decision. The difference between a good, bad or average instructor will become apparent when it’s time to take your test. A poor learning experience may even cause you to abandon your lessons before you get to that stage. So it’s important to assess what’s on offer before you commit.

Kinetic only uses fully trained and accredited instructors who take pride in their reputation for effective, and thorough, tuition. Our lessons are carefully structured to provide all the necessary knowledge and experience you will need for both your practical and theory tests. They will also stand you in good stead for when the L-plates come off.

Kinetic is the driving school of choice for novices in Dartford because we adapt to meet their needs. We offer lessons in both manual and automatic cars, and you can learn at whatever pace suits you best. Another reason for Kinetic being the premium choice driving school is its free online theory training suite, which is accessible 24/7 for study and practice tests.

Finding a driving instructor Dartford, Kent

Driving Instructors Dartford, Kent


All of our highly trained instructors are fully qualified by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and fully committed to providing the best lessons possible. They are also DVSA registered.

We have both female and male instructors, but whichever you choose their aim will be the same. They want to help you pass your test, and turn you into a driver who is both confident and conscious of road safety. Our instructors approach all lessons with patience to maximise your learning potential.

Manual Driving Lessons Dartford, Kent

Manual Driving Lessons Dartford, KentKinetic’s modern fleet of manual cars all have dual controls, which helps even the most nervous of novices feel more confident on the roads. Our vehicles are all regularly serviced and maintained, so you can rely on our promise that you will be learning to drive in a reliable car.

Automatic Driving Lessons Dartford, Kent

Automatic Driving Lessons Dartford, Kent

If you obtain your licence in an automatic car, then you will not legally be allowed to drive a manual. Despite this limitation, a significant number of people still opt to learn in an automatic.

Some people find driving a manual car too difficult because they struggle to master the gears and clutch; this becomes a bigger problem in built-up areas where you have to shift gear frequently. Other people learn in an automatic because they have a disability that means they cannot drive a manual car.

Kinetic has a fleet of modern cars to cater for clients who want, or need, to learn in an automatic. As with our manual fleet, our automatic cars are regularly serviced and maintained to provide a smooth driving lesson.

Intensive driving courses Dartford, Kent

Intensive Driving Courses Dartford Kent

Some novices need to obtain a driving licence as a matter of urgency. It could be vital for a new job, or it could be a necessity because of growing family commitments. It could even be down to a personal challenge to become a driver before a certain age, or landmark date.

The reason for the urgency doesn’t matter: what does matter is the fact that Kinetic can help.

We offer an intensive driving course that will accelerate your progress, but also equip you with all the same skills as our standard courses. Fast tuition is still expert tuition as far as our instructors are concerned. We have found that our intensive learners tend to pass their tests after 30 to 35 hours of lessons. The national average for learners on standard courses is between 45 and 47 hours.

Great Discounts on driving lessons Dartford, Kent

Kinetic offers great introductory discounts for people unsure about committing to more than a few lessons, and there are even bigger savings for those who block book. We also offer special rates for clients who are students or new mums.

Our voucher system means you can take your lessons one at a time or several at once, which is particularly useful for those on intensive courses. What’s more, Kinetic will cash-in unused vouchers if your instructor believes you should take your test earlier than originally planned.

We’ve made Kinetic gift vouchers available because we’ve found they make ideal presents for anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Gaining more independence is a very memorable way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement. Our instructors can even help you make the first lesson a surprise.

Free online theory exam training suite

All Kinetic clients are able to use our online driving theory training suite, for free.

You’ll be able to log in whenever you like as often as you want after your first lesson is booked.

The training suite will reinforce what you’ve learnt with your instructor, and assist with preparations for your theory test. It’s an invaluable opportunity to take an unlimited number of training tests based on the questions the DVSA sets, and you’ll also be able to take practice theory exams.

You’ll be sent the results of your tests, and so will Kinetic, which means we can help you to improve on any problem areas that have been identified.

Latest software

If you learn with Kinetic, you’ll be able to use interactive software to try a virtual manoeuvre on your instructor’s iPad before you try it for real on Dartford’s roads. The use of this leading technology is unsurprisingly proving very popular with our clients.

Car insurance for new Dartford drivers

Kinetic knows that finding the right insurance might be a chore you haven’t got time for. So we can arrange your provisional insurance for you, and make sure it’s competitively priced. We can also arrange discounts for the comprehensive insurance you’ll need once you have a driving licence.

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