Driving Lessons Maidstone, Kent

Driving Lessons Maidstone, Kent

There is no shortage of driving schools in Kent, but it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here at Kinetic, we can make that an easy decision for you.

We have worked hard to build our reputation as an excellent and respected driving school with excellent instructors, all fully qualified and accredited.

With our well-structured individual lessons, we will help our students not only pass their driving tests but become good, safe and confident drivers.

We make no claims about being the biggest driving school in Kent; we get on with the business of teaching people to be safe drivers through our first class driving lessons in Maidstone.

Whatever type of driving lessons you are looking for, we are confident that we can provide exactly what you need, from automatic lessons to intensive courses; We also offer our courses and lessons at prices that you will love.

As well your driving lessons, you’ll receive access to our innovative online resource, our theory training suite, where you can look at past questions and sit as many practice tests as you like to build your confidence and monitor your progress.

Our local instructors Maidstone, Kent

Driving Instructors in Maidstone, KentAll of our professional, qualified instructors know the local area around Maidstone well, and can choose suitable areas for all aspects of learning to drive. They are all qualified and registered with the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency), and fully committed to our high standards of customer service.

We can provide both male and female instructors, and their only aim is to get their students to be good drivers, who will be able to drive confidently and safely after they have passed their tests.

Everyone is a beginner to start with, and our instructors will work at a pace that you are comfortable by, calmly and patiently helping you progress with each lesson.

Manual Driving Lessons Maidstone, Kent

Manual Driving Lessons Maidstone, KentManual driving lessons are our most popular type of lesson, it’s how most people learn to drive. These lessons start with familiarisation in the car, learning where the various controls are and how to use them, before progressing to actually driving the car.

All of our cars are regularly serviced and well maintained so you need have no reliability worries, and they come equipped with dual controls for your safety and peace of mind.

You can also try out driving manoeuvres on our interactive iPad app, which lets you experience them virtually before performing them in a moving vehicle if you would like to build up more confidence first. Many of our clients find that this really complements the lessons in the car and speeds up their learning.

Automatic Driving Lessons Maidstone, Kent

Automatic Driving Lessons Maidstone, KentMany people prefer to learn to drive in an automatic, and that is no problem. There are many reasons for wanting to use an automatic car, such as a disability. An automatic car can often be the simpler option, especially in built-up areas where you will need to brake, stop and change gear a lot.

We have a fleet of automatic cars in our Maidstone school, and they are all serviced and maintained to the same high standards as our manual cars – and of course, all our customers receive the same high standard of tuition.

We should remind you that you will not be able to drive a manual car with an automatic licence (a manual licence covers both types), so you may find your options a little limited when looking to purchase a car after your test.

Intensive Driving Course Maidstone, Kent

Intensive Driving Courses Maidstone, KentSome people appreciate the slower pace of learning with our standard driving lessons, but some people find they need to get their licence quickly. There are all sorts of reasons for this, such as requirements for a new job, or needing to take responsibility for family members.

Whatever the reason, you will find our intensive driving courses to be excellent.

We don’t sacrifice the quality of our courses for the sake of passing a test quickly, we combine our standards with speed. On average, a driver on our intensive programme can expect to need somewhere in the region of 35 hours’ tuition (or less), as opposed to the average time of 45-47 hours.

You can pay for your lessons using our exclusive voucher system (each voucher equates to one hour of tuition), using several at a time. If you are ready to take your test early then, of course, you can cash the vouchers in with us.

Great driving lessons Maidstone at discounted prices

At Kinetic, we understand that not everyone learns at the same speed, and it is a very personal journey. You can book lessons as you go, sign up for an intensive course or book a block of lessons.

We have various savings and discounts on offer depending on what you book, there’s something for every style of learning.

We understand that learning to drive can give you some essential freedoms, and because of this we offer special discounted rates for students and new mums, giving you the tools to be independent in your new life.

If you know of someone who would love to learn to drive then, our gift vouchers make the perfect present – ideal for a graduation or special birthday. For a gift they’ll never forget, our instructors can even make the first lesson a surprise!

Free online theory test training suite

With any of our lessons comes access to our online theory training suite, an incredible resource with a theory test simulator and a large question bank, featuring all those set by the DVSA during theory tests.

When you make your first booking, we’ll supply you with your password, and you can log in straight away and begin your learning journey.

There are training tests for you to try, with unlimited attempts: including a full mock test.

You’ll receive a report on your progress and so will we, as this allows us to spot any areas where you could use additional support.

This is a great way to complement your driving lessons, and consolidate your learning.

Car insurance for learners and new drivers

As well as teaching you to be a good and safe driver, with the confidence you need, we can help you find the right car insurance for both while you have your provisional licence, and after you’ve passed your test, we can arrange comprehensive cover with a discount.

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