Driving Lessons Rochester, Medway, Kent

Driving Lessons Rochester, Medway, Kent

With so many driving schools in Kent, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose, but we believe that our professionalism, commitment to doing the best for our learners.

Our carefully structured driving lessons are what makes Kinetic the number one choice for so many learners in Rochester and the surrounding area. Thanks to the experience and dedication of our instructors.

It’s our aim that you will be ready to sit your driving test when the time comes and that you’ll also be equipped with the confidence and driving skills you need as a licensed driver after you pass your test.

Your search for the kind of driving instructor who will guide you every step of the way, helping you to feel more at home behind the wheel, can end today.

Our experienced team of instructors will help you learn in a way that makes the most sense for you personally, no matter what type of learner you are, we can teach you; from nervous novices, through to more confident individuals who are keen to pass their test as soon as possible; So whatever your needs, we’ve got your back!

Whether you’re looking for manual driving lessons, automatic driving lessons in Rochester, or an intensive driving course, we’re confident we can help.

Local instructors Rochester, Kent

Local Driving Instructors Rochester, Medway, KentEvery one of our driving instructors is fully-trained and professionally accredited by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), so you can be sure you are in good hands.

We employ male and female instructors, whose focus is not simply on preparing you to pass your test, but to train you to be a safe and confident driver, someone with the competence to cope with a range of typical driving conditions.

All of our instructors have an in-depth knowledge of local roads so they can choose the most suitable routes for learners at all stages of their development.

Our driving instructors always aim to guide you through your lessons as calmly and patiently as possible. They are committed to creating the most positive learning environment for you personally, starting from your very first driving lesson.

Manual driving lessons Rochester, Medway, Kent

Manual Driving Lessons Rochester, Medway, KentMost learners start by learning to drive in a manual vehicle. Once familiar with how everything works and what the various controls are for, it’s time for some practical skills.

Driving instructors at Kinetic won’t try to rush you at any stage and you’re not expected to drive over the river to Strood just yet!

We offer a fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles, are equipped with dual controls to help put your mind at ease and support you through this learning experience.

Our instructors also use interactive software so you can practise manoeuvres before doing them for real behind the wheel. Learners tell us they find these virtual theory training lessons really helpful in preparing them for both their theory test and practical driving.

Automatic Driving Lessons Rochester, Medway, Kent

Automatic Driving Lessons Rochester, Medway, KentSome learners prefer to have automatic driving lessons. Perhaps you’ve tried a manual vehicle and found changing gears and using the clutch just too awkward, especially when driving on busy roads or in traffic.

You may have a disability which makes driving an automatic the right choice for you, or you may simply find an automatic car more appealing. Whatever your reasons, our driving instructors are here to help, and we’ll make sure that one of our modern, fully automatic vehicles is always available.

It’s important to remember, however, that you aren’t permitted to drive a manual car if you have an automatic licence. Only learning to drive an automatic may also limit your choice when renting or buying a new vehicle in future.

Intensive driving courses Rochester, Medway, Kent

Intensive Driving Courses Rochester, Medway, KentIs an intensive driving course right for you? If you are keen on passing your driving test in a shorter timescale, then Yes, one of our intensive driving courses could greatly benefit you. Perhaps having a licence is important to boost your job prospects or, due to a change in family circumstances, you have to start driving sooner than expected.

Perhaps having a licence is important to boost your job prospects or, due to a change in family circumstances, you have to start driving sooner than expected.

Learners come to us for intensive driving courses for all sorts of reason, and while we won’t cut corners in terms of the quality of tuition we offer, we can fast-track learning.

From experience, learners who take a Kinetic intensive driving course pass their test after 30 to 35 hours, considerably quicker than the 45 to 47 hours that is the national average.

Because we operate a voucher system (one hour’s tuition per voucher), you can use more than one voucher at a time or cash in any you don’t need, if you pass your test even sooner.

Prices & Special Rates for Driving Lessons Rochester 

No two learners progress at the same rate. For some, the practical skills come easily while others take longer to master the basics. Some students are naturally confident while others will need a few more lessons before they start to feel comfortable.

We provide a price structure and a range of discounted rates for our students, including introductory offers, designed to offer you the most choice and flexibility, whether you want to book a block of lessons in advance, or just a few at a time to see how you go.

We offer special rates for new mums and students, to help make the lessons more affordable. Driving lesson vouchers also make a great gift, for a birthday or graduation present, or as a special surprise for the learner driver in your life.

View our full price list here.

Free theory test training software

As a learner with Kinetic, you’ll have free access to our driving school theory training software. Using this online programme, you can simulate the driving theory test and answer questions set by DVSA.

You can log on to the site as often as you like to practise, sit a ‘mock test’ to see how you get on, and get a report to chart your progress.

We also receive a report which helps us to see what areas you need more work on. Our learners find this theory training a great way to consolidate all they have learned out on the road.

Competitive Car Insurance for Learners and New Drivers

While you’re learning to drive it’s important, you have the right sort of insurance cover in place.

We can arrange provisional insurance at special rates, and comprehensive insurance cover at a competitive price after you’ve passed your test.

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