Driving Lessons Sittingbourne, Swale, Kent

Driving Lessons Sittingbourne, Swale, Kent

Picking your driving school can be a difficult decision as there are so many to choose from in the Sittingbourne and Swale area.

However, at Kinetic, we can make that decision an easy one for you. With our structured driving lessons, tailored to your individual needs, our excellent and fully trained instructors will guide you through to passing your test and qualifying as a skilled and confident driver.

We don’t need to make big and fancy claims about being the best driving school in Kent, we’ll let our results and reputation do that for us. We offer excellent driving lessons, from manual lessons to intensive courses.

With any of our driving lesson options, you will receive access to the theory training suite, our online learning facility that boosts your confidence and reinforces what you are learning in your lessons.

Our local instructors Sittingbourne, Swale, Kent

We can offer both male and female instructors, all of whom are very familiar with the Sittingbourne and Swale area and can make use of the local landscape and features to make sure you get the most from your driving lessons, whatever stage of learning you are at.

As you would expect, all of our instructors are fully qualified and registered with the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) and share our passion for providing high-quality driving tuition.

Kinetic instructors aim is not only for you to pass your driving test, but also for you to be the best and safest driver you can be, and to give you the confidence for when you go out on the road as a newly qualified driver. From your first lesson, they will build your confidence and skills, moving at your pace.

Manual Driving Lessons Sittingbourne, Swale, Kent

Manual Driving Lessons Sittingbourne, Swale, KentOur most popular type of driving lesson is a manual lesson, and this is what the majority of people choose when they are learning to drive. All of our cars are well maintained and regularly serviced. We begin with the basics of the car, making sure you are comfortable and familiar with the car and its controls and how they work.

Then we will move on to the basics of driving and progress at a pace you are comfortable with. You can also access an interactive app on an iPad, which lets you work out the mechanics and requirements for manoeuvres before trying them for real in a moving car.

This is a great way to get a feel for what is required without other vehicles around, and it’s proved very popular with our clients who find it speeds up the learning process.

Automatic Driving Lessons Sittingbourne, Swale, Kent

Automatic Driving Lessons Sittingbourne, Swale, KentLots of people find that they are more comfortable with an automatic, having tried a manual and found it awkward. Some people prefer a manual for reasons of disability or comfort.

Whatever the reason for choosing an automatic, we can offer you driving lessons that are every bit as good as our manual option, with all the same excellent tuition and support.

We have a fleet of automatic cars for you to learn on that are well maintained and serviced at regular intervals. You do need to be aware that there are limitations with an automatic licence, as you will not be able to drive a manual car.

Intensive Driving Courses Sittingbourne, Swale, Kent

Intensive Driving Courses Sittingbourne, Swale, KentOur intensive driving courses are very popular, with people deciding to pass quickly for all sorts of reasons. It may be that you have already had some driving lesson experience in the past, or that you need to pass your test quickly for work or family commitments.

The intensive courses are designed to get you on the fast track to getting your driving licence, with the same high standards and excellent tuition you would expect from any of our instructors.

Clients on our intensive courses tend to need around 30 to 35 hours of tuition before passing their test, well below the average teaching time of 47 hours. We offer a voucher system for our intensive courses, with each voucher being equal to one hour’s tuition.

You can use several at a time for a long session, and if you pass quicker than expected and have any vouchers remaining, we will cash them in.

Great Driving lessons Sittingbourne at discounted prices

Learning to drive is a very personal thing, and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. At Kinetic, we structure our prices accordingly, and we have a great range of offers and discounts to suit everybody.

We can provide introductory discounts, and the opportunity to save even more if you book a block of 10 lessons at a time.

Discounts are available for people who are experiencing changes in their lives; we know independence is a big thing so we give new mums and students special prices.

We have gift vouchers available, which make wonderful presents, and for a truly memorable gift, we can even make the first driving lesson a total surprise!

Free online theory training suite

When you book driving lessons with us, we’ll give you free access to our online theory training suite. This great e-learning resource has all the questions set by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency for the theory test, and you can take as many practice tests as you like, including a full mock exam.

You’ll receive your password when you book your first lesson, and you can access the site straight away. At the end of each session, you will get a report on your progress.

We’ll be notified too, and if there are any areas that need extra attention, then we can make our instructors aware.

This is a great way to consolidate the practical skills and road sense that you will be building during your driving lessons, leaving you a better and safer driver.

Car insurance for learners and new drivers

Your safety is our priority, and during the time you are learning with us, we will do everything we can to make sure you have the necessary skills and confidence to drive well.

You can also take advantage of the motor insurance that we can arrange at a competitive price for you, both on your provisional licence and comprehensive cover once you’ve passed.

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