When can I start my driving lessons?

You can start your lessons on your 17th birthday or anytime after.

Do I need I provisional driving licence to start driving lessons?

Yes, you do. This is crucial. You must have a provisional driving licence. Please click the link below to if you need to apply for one. Your driving instructor will end should ask to see this on the first lesson. If you do not have one, they will not give you a lesson.
Please visit www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence for more information.

Is automatic quicker to pass than a manual driving test?

No, not really. It will only take you a couple of hours to understand and change gear to a reasonable standard and after a few driving lessons, this should become second nature to you.

Can I drive on dual carriageways when learning?

Yes, you can, in fact, it is an important skill to learn. However, you can only drive on the motorway once you have passed your driving test.

Can I just learn to drive an automatic car without learning manual?

Yes you can but this only entitles you to drive an automatic car. Passing your manual driving test qualifies you to drive both manual and automatic.

How many driving lessons does it take to pass your driving test?

This is a hard question to answer, as It totally depends on the individual. Some people are test ready around the 25 hour mark; others take 40 hours.

Do the examiners have a set quota of people they can pass a month?

No, they do not. In fact, the examiners really want you to do well in your test. They are not actively looking to fail you.

How long is my theory test pass valid, if I have not yet passed my practical test?

Your theory pass is valid for two years. If you do not pass your practical test in this time, the theory pass will expire and you will have to retake your theory test.

Can I start driving lessons without having passed the theory test?

Yes, you can. In fact, we believe it is better that you combine theory and practical training. This way you can put your theory knowledge into practice and see how those two separate skills work together.

Will I pass my driving test?

We will teach you to be a safe and observant driver. When you achieve this, you will be test ready.