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Driving Lessons in Basildon

Learn to drive in Basildon

First 3 Hours


Save £15 by booking your first block of 3 lessons with us today, compared to our standard lesson rate.

First 5 Hours


Save £25 by booking your first block of 5 lessons with us today, compared to our standard lesson rate.

First 10 Hours


Save £50 by booking your first block of 10 lessons with us today, compared to our standard lesson rate.

At Kinetic Driving School, we provide top-quality and affordable driving lessons in Basildon. We understand that each learner is unique, so our training is personalised to suit your individual needs. This ensures you can gain confidence as a driver and pass your driving test at your own pace.

Our Local Instructors In Welling

Our local instructors in Basildon

When searching for driving courses in Basildon, it’s essential to prioritise quality to ensure you receive the best training and preparation for your driving journey. Remember that investing in high-quality instruction can greatly contribute to your overall success and confidence as a driver. Kinetic Driving School employs only fully qualified instructors in Basildon who are registered with the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) and trained to the highest standards of the industry.

In Basildon, our skilled driving instructors are here to support you through the basics and advanced manoeuvres, adapting to your desired learning speed. We value your comfort during the learning process, which is why we offer the option to choose between male or female instructors.

Manual driving lessons in Basildon

Many new learners in Basildon choose our popular manual driving course. It gives you the chance to become familiar with manual car controls. Our experienced Basildon driving instructors provide modern cars from our fleet, ensuring your safety with dual controls and regular servicing. You’re in good hands!

Kinetic Driving School in Basildon incorporates iPads to enhance your practical driving experience. Our instructors use these devices to virtually demonstrate various manoeuvres and provide guidance, allowing you to gain confidence before applying what you’ve learned on the road. This approach effectively boosts your skills and ensures that you are fully prepared for real-world driving situations.

Automatic driving lessons in Basildon

Automatic car lessons are increasing in popularity. Our comprehensive automatic Driving instructors in Basildon can help you find the route to a driving career which best fits your needs.

We offer automatic driving courses in Basildon using one of our fleet of automatic vehicles. Built with excellent quality features, is well-maintained and holds dual controls, you can enjoy your lessons knowing you have the support from our fully qualified driving instructor.

Latest driving lesson offers in Basildon


3 Hour Packages

Save 13% on 3 hours of lessons with Kinetic Driving School

5 Hour Packages

Save 13% on 5 hours of lessons with Kinetic Driving School

10 Hour Packages

Save 13% on 10 hours of lessons with Kinetic Driving School

As well as a full course of driving lessons for beginners, we also offer refresher courses in Basildon, motorway lessons and packages specifically designed for both manual and automatic cars; whatever you and looking for, we are confident that our first-class driving instructors can support your requirements.

Intensive driving courses in Basildon

At Kinetic, we understand that time is often of the essence when it comes to learning to drive, which is why we offer our best intensive driving course in Basildon. We have helped numerous individuals master driving in various situations, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary support to pass your test as quickly as possible while covering the same curriculum as our standard-length driving courses.

On average, candidates who take our intensive driving course in Basildon can pass their driving test within 30 to 35 hours of training, which is approximately 10 to 15 hours less than the standard intensity course.

Intensive Driving Courses In Welling