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Intensive Driving Lessons1

Intensive Driving Lessons in Medway and Kent

Intensive Driving Lessons

From the first time behind the wheel, to test day – we’ll guide you to success.

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Intensive Driving Lessons2

How can you pass your test quickly?

Kinetic driving school offers exceptional intensive driving lessons that are designed to get you passed quickly and efficiently in a fun, relaxed and professional environment.

Our Ordit trained driving instructors will teach you how to drive over our 4-, 5- or 6-week intensive driving course. We understand that other driving schools offer one- or two-week intensive courses, however we believe that you do not get the best opportunity to take-on the most information possible, or for you to feel natural when driving. With a longer period, you can have enough time to learn each skill comfortably.

Additionally, your quality intensive driving course will also include support and guidance for your theory and hazard perception tests. We provide a free 24-hour online training platform that you can have access to at any time.

Our Kinetic Intensive Driving instructors are committed to helping you get on the road, that not only will they teach you to drive, but they will also book your theory and driving test for you, so you can spend more time practising!

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Save up to £40 when you book your first 10 driving lessons with us.

How many hours will I need if you haven’t driven before?

If you’ve researched online, you will find the national average from is 45-47 hours, but everyone learns and takes in information differently. At Kinetic, our average is between 30-35 hours because of our combined theory and practical training.

To ensure you receive the right number of hours for your intensive driving lessons, when you make your intensive driving course payments, you will receive our Kinetic vouchers which are each worth a one hour driving lesson. When you schedule your lessons with your instructor, you will simply need to hand over the number of vouchers depending on how many hours of intensive driving training you are doing that day; this is so you can keep track of the hours you have used.

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Completed your test quicker than expected, or need more lessons?

At Kinetic, we want the best outcome for our pupils. If you find that you are ready to take your final practical test a lot quicker than expected, simply take your remaining vouchers to your closest Kinetic office for your cash back.

Similarly, if you need additional hours, simply call the Kinetic office number and purchase a few more vouchers at the same discounted rate.

The benefit of our Kinetic Intensive driving course will ensure you pay for what you need, with no unnecessary additional training costs that you don’t need.

Intensive Driving Lesson Prices 

The cost of our Intensive Driving Lessons include the practical test fee of £62 booked for your convenience. 

Manual Intensive Driving Course

20 Hours


25 Hours


30 Hours


40 Hours


Automatic Intensive Driving Course

20 Hours


25 Hours


30 Hours