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Whether you require a new, supportive driving school to help you move away from your PDI licence, or require an ADI Standards Check. Kinetic has extensive options for every need.

PDI Training Rescue Programme: Part 2 and Part 3

We have been approached by many training driving instructors who are struggling to pass their Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) part 2 or part 3 training.

Kinetic Driving School has developed a “PDI Rescue Programme”, and our own driving instructor trainers will carefully structure training to provide you with all the necessary knowledge and experience you need and cover any missing subjects to successfully pass your PDI training.

If you have originally been trained by another driving school but feel your expectations and educational needs are not being met, you can easily become part of our PDI training programme where our qualified ORDIT trainers will give you the support and confidence you need.

We have developed a Rescue package that could get you your career back on track. Our PDI training packages start from as little as £150 – Call us on 0333 772 9603 and book your “Free, No Obligation Consultation” and let us do what we do best and get you fully prepared to pass your instructor training course.

In order to become a fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), there are a total of 3 driving instructor training tests that must be completed:

  • Theory and Hazard Perception
  • Driving Ability
  • Instructional Ability

ADI’s and PDI’s required

If you want to become a Kinetic Driving Instructor with the UK’s fastest growing driving school, don’t delay – contact us today!

ADI Standards Check

ADI Standards Check comes round every 4 years and is an essential part of maintaining high quality driving instructor standards.

At Kinetic, we offer Check Test brush ups which are open to all and every instructor in the UK. You can be rest assured that all our Ordit registered Trainers are here to help you pass your check test and give you the skills to achieve or maintain the Grade A that all ADI’s should aspire to.

It can be beneficial for all instructors to seek some extra training before each check test. They only come round every four years for a Grade A instructor or every two years for a grade B, but with our qualified trainers, they will give you a great understanding of the grading system and how the grade is derived, so you can gain the confidence knowing that you’re in the right hands.

Kinetic has offered ADI Standards Test Check Training for a number of years, and we have found that an average of only 2 sessions provides remarkable marks. Even if you have a busy diary, we advise that you stay on top of new skills and techniques that may have been introduced by the DVSA since your last check test – and we are happy to help!

If you’re wondering how to renew your ADI registration, simply Book Today!

At Kinetic, we firmly believe that all instructors benefit from a little time with a Kinetic Ordit Trainer before a check test and the results speak for themselves. Our training will include:

  • An outline of what to expect in the Standards Check.
  • Assessment of your own characteristics, coaching and teaching skills, which will then be discussed with you to target any areas for improvement.
  • Lesson planning, Coaching skills and Question techniques which are specifically for the ADI Standards Check.