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Instructor Training


Established by the DVSA to help learning driving instructors make a better choice of trainer and avoid wasting money on substandard training.

What is Ordit?

Ordit, also known as the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers, was set up to protect new driving instructor trainees from being given bad or substandard instructor training.

The DVSA manage the official Ordit register of approved trainers and holds the authority to remove trainers if the company fails to comply with DVSA standards.

For an instructor training company to achieve Ordit registration they must have regular inspections by the DVSA.

These inspections include all current training materials and course structures to ensure nothing is being left out by the training syllabus and the training being given is up to date.

However, the register is not compulsory by law and is on voluntary by the training company which means the training company has to pay the DVSA for the registration. This means many driving schools offer instructor training without being certified by the DVSA to give instructor training.

If you choose an unregistered Ordit school for your training, you have no rights if you receive poor training.

Kinetic’s Ordit registration proves its commitment to training you to the highest standards and our commitment to excellence.