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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Driver Instructor Training & Franchises

Getting started

Helping people learn an important life skill is a popular reason why many start a rewarding career as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

At Kinetic Driving School, we train hundreds of new instructors each year, providing them with the most up-to-date practices and are proud to have a proven success rate in helping those become a qualified driving instructor.

If you’re looking into this career, then you must already know the amazing benefits of being a driving instructor:

  • Work life balance – You can easily balance your work life and social life schedules with flexible working hours.
  • Your own boss – As a driving instructor, you are your own boss. You can decide the days and hours you work.
  • Job Satisfaction – It’s always important to enjoy what you do. If helping people achieve their goals from training is your goals? This is the perfect role for you!

Becoming a good driving instructor means you need great communication skills. You will need to be able to provide the necessary assistance if your student is stressed, nervous or needs general help. Our Ordit trainers will provide the necessary professional guidance and assistance to help you achieve these important skills.

Here at Kinetic, we’re with you every step of the way to become a qualified Driving Instructor. It can be an intimidating experience when you first start, but we are here to make this process as easy as possible to help you through!

Licence checks

To be considered for a Driving Instructor career, you must register with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), be over 21 years old, have held a driving licence for over three years and have no more than 3 points on your driving licence.

You must then get a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) with the DVSA.

This checks that you have not had any criminal convictions in the past and that you are a fit and proper person to go on to the Government’s Approved Driving Instructor Registerer once you have qualified.

You can apply for a DBS check on site. You’ll need to use organisation PIN :105205 secret word: axis

Once you receive your DBS number back, you will need to apply to become a driving instructor by following the steps to get your PRN number (personal reference number).

Your will need your PRN to book your Tests with the DVSA. Once you have qualified, it will become your badge number for life and allowing you work as a driving instructor.

Frequently asked questions at this stage

A DBS check is free, but the post office currently charges £6 for the check to be sent.

You will need three of the following: Bank statement, Any Utilities Bill, Council Tax Bill, Passport or Driving Licence.

A DBS check can take up to 3-6 weeks.

The exams

There are three Driving Instructor exams to pass, and Kinetic Driving Instructor Training will fully prepare you for all of them:

  • Part One- Theory training
  • Part Two- ADI Driving Test
  • Part Three- Teaching Abilities Test

Lets look at these in more detail:

Part 1. Theory training

The first part of your driving instructor training is theory and hazard perception. For the test you will have a multiple-choice exam which tests your theory knowledge and then a separate hazard perception test.

Kinetic has made this easy and simple with our online theory training suite. All you need do is login at your leisure and learn from the comfort of your own home. Every time you finish a session you will get a history-gram of all the training you completed up until that point.

The online theory training suite will tell you what you have answered correctly and importantly the answers you did not. Your Kinetic Ordit trainer will receive the same information and will organise a private video training session with you to give you the correct guidance and support.

We recommend you login for 30 mins a day for two weeks to ensure you are fully prepared for you test.

Part 2. Driving training

Part Two of your driving instructor training exams is your ADI Driving Test.

This will be carried out on a variety of roads including all types of traffic conditions. This Test will last around 90 mins and will also include all manoeuvres.

At Kinetic we will fully prepare you for this test with our industry leading 14 hours of “One to One” in-car training with your personal Kinetic Instructor trainer. Our trainer will work closely with you and assist with any areas of improvement to fully prepare you for your test and bring your driving to a naturally advanced level.

Part 3. ADI training

The final stage of your ADI Training will be your “Teaching Abilities Test”, where you will be assessed on core competencies, lesson control and Client Centred learning skills.

Here at Kinetic we believe this is where the fun really begins. Kinetics Part three training consists of a minimum of 40 hours “One to One” training with your Ordit registered Kinetic trainers.

In this time, we will build all your lesson plans from start to finish, train you in how to identify learner faults and how you are going to analyse those faults. You will gain knowledge on how to correct the fault to the different learners’ styles with the appropriate level of instruction for the pupil’s abilities.

Jargon busting

I am sure during your research into becoming a driving instructor you have come across some acronyms that you are unsure of. Lets see if we can help

  • ADI – Approved Driving Instructor: This is what you will become once you fully qualify.
  • PDI – Potential Driving Instructor: This is what you are called when you training to become a driving instructor.
  • PDI License or Pink License – This is a licence that enables a trainee instructor to work as a driving instructor whilst still studying for the part 3. This way the trainee can earn money whilst they train.

Franchise FAQ

Kinetic works on an introduction basis. You only cover the driving school franchise costs once you have received ten introductions on a full-time franchise, or three introductions on a part-time franchise.
Unlike other driving schools, we understand everyone’s commitments are different, so we feel this is the fairest way for you to start receiving an income to cover the Franchise costs before you must pay Kinetic.
Please note that although other, big driving schools may offer a free month Franchise or half the Franchise payment for the first 6 weeks, you may not be receiving the best, affordable outcome. In this time, they may have only provided you with two or three pupils, which means you will only be ‘breaking even’ before the charge kicks in.
Unlike other driving schools, we want to help your business grow and help you achieve a sustainable income with us.

Our aim is to ensure you receive a full diary as quickly as possible. In fact, it is not uncommon to have a full diary within two to four weeks.

We do not charge extra for pupils – they are included in your Franchise fee.

Kinetic Driving School locations include Kent, Sussex, London and areas in Essex, but if you are from a different area, you can still join the Kinetic team!
We get many pupils requesting driving lessons with Kinetic, but there are instances where we cannot do not have instructors within the area. If you join Kinetic, and we are not already in your area, you will benefit from these requests we generate already, and our experienced Marketing team will activate area targeting to get ensure you receive full bookings.
Additionally, we ensure that we will never over fill an area with instructors, so you can have a full diary and remain in demand.

Yes. Our reputation is built on supporting both our franchisees and pupils, and as one of the leading driving training centres, Kinetic was one of the first driving schools to offer a free online theory training suit for pupils.
When you join our driving school, you will be given a code to pass on to your pupils for our free online theory training suite so you can log in and guide them through their theory mock test.

Our driving school offers a brand-new car leasing deal to our pupils who pass their driving test, starting from only £99p/m + vat for a new car.
We started this offer to ensure our pupils have the option to afford a safe new car and get straight on the road. As a forward-thinking driving schools, we can also help provisional and full licence holders search for cheap car insurance through our competitive partners Marmalade.
We are proud to offer a leading and professional service to all our pupils, so you and your pupils can receive the best opportunities and benefits available.

Kinetic is Ordit registered and all of our Ordit trainers receive the highest level of training. Our trainers offer CPD and check test training for our ADI’s alongside training new driving instructors. Their training is always up to do and we encourage you t make use of them!

We are more than happy to assist you with requesting great car leasing deals through our contacts – we have access to amazing discounts on new cars if you wish to buy through us.
As part of our service, we are dedicated to helping you become the best instructor you can be.

We hope this has helped you and answered some of your questions. If there are any questions you have regarding Kinetic Driving School franchise, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 542 8673 and we will be happy to help.