Intensive Driving Courses Medway and Kent

Looking to pass you test quickly?

With Intensive Driving Lessons Medway, you can. Let us take care of everything for you from start to finish. Not only will our specialised instructors teach you how to drive, but we will book all your tests for you as well.We'll guide you through your theory test with our free 24 hour online theory training. Let kinetic take the hassle out of learning to drive.Our intensive courses are over 4, 5 or 6 weeks. Which will give you the best chance of passing your test first time. All you have to do is decide the time scale in which you want to pass your test.At Kinetic we do not teach one or two week courses because in our opinion they are a waste of your money! The reason for this is that in such a short space of time there is a lot of information to take on-board and sometimes the practical skill of driving doesn't have to settle down and become natural. If you are having a learning block with one particular skill there isn't enough time with a one or two week courses to relax move forward to another skill and return to the learning block at a later date. Our intensive course are totally designed to get you passed quickly and efficiently in a fun, relaxed and professional atmosphere.

How many hours will I need if you haven't driven before?

This is the question we get asked the most and this is our honest answer. Everyone is different. If you do your research online you will find the national average is 45-47 hours.At Kinetic our average is between 30-35 hours because of our combined training of theory and practical. To safe guard our learners and give you piece of mind this is what we do. When you pay for your intensive driving course you will receive our Kinetic vouchers. Each voucher is worth an hours driving lesson. All you have to do is give your instructor the amount of vouchers depending on how many hours training you are doing that day. That way you can keep track of how many hours you have used.Also our pledge to our learners is that if you are someone that naturally has taken to driving and you and your instructor find you are test ready quicker than you first thought simple cash your remaining vouchers back to our office. Or by the same token if you feel that you would benefit from another couple of hours simple call the office number and buy a few more vouchers at the same special discounted rate. This way you can trust and be sure that you will only pay for the right amount of training and not get charged for lessons you don't need.

Intensive Driving Lesson Prices

These prices include the practical test fee of £62 booked for your convenience.

Intensive Automatic Driving Course

  • 30 Hours 783
  • 35 Hours 898
  • 40 Hours 1013
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Intensive Manual Driving Course

  • 30 Hours 723
  • 35 Hours 828
  • 40 Hours 933
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