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Become A Driving Instructor In Sussex

Driving Instructor Training

Train to be a driving Instructor in Sussex

Kinetic Driving School has always taken pride on our great reputation as leading driving instructors in Sussex.

Whether it’s our Driving Instructor Trainers, or our Driving Instructors who teach first time drivers, we always deliver the highest level of training and most importantly, the best level of customer service.

Not only will Kinetic train you to be the best driving instructor you can be, but we will also fully prepare you for your working life as you become a credited Driving Instructor for Sussex.

Becoming a driving instructor in Sussex will put you in the driving seat of your career. When you qualify as a driving instructor, you can:

  • Be your own boss.
  • Have great job satisfaction.
  • Earn a great salary.
  • Work around your lifestyle and schedule.

As a Sussex DVSA approved driving instructor, you can truly put your working destiny within your own hands. You will get a qualification for life which is your DVSA ADI Teaching Badge which is your physical authentication. This is the qualification which enables you to always earn money and in these unprecedented times, gives you great peace of mind.

You can call our Kinetic Customer Care Team at any time on 0333 772 9603 for your “Free, No Obligation Chat” and they will happily answer any questions you might have.

You can also leave your details on this contact form and one of our customer care team will call you shortly.

Start your driver instructor training in Sussex today

Only you know which training option is best for you and your circumstance.

Whether you want to start a Sussex driving instructor career, or further your skills to become a driving instructor trainer in Sussex – please call our Kinetic Customer Care Team on 0333 772 9603 for you no obligation chat!

You can leave us a message and one of our team will contact you shortly.

What qualities makes a great driving instructor?

Kinetic can train you to pass each of the exams and we are confident you will, but the best qualities come from you.

We have many years’ experience with bringing out these great qualities through our successful client centred learning techniques. We work closely with you and understand how you learn best, and we adapt our teaching methods to best suit you.

We are not just satisfied with training you to a standard of just passing your tests. Our real aim is to make you the best local Driving Instructor you can be. If you are motivated, professional, want freedom over your work life balance and enjoy helping others, this career could be for you.

Bespoke training packages

Everyone’s situation is different. Therefore, we have worked hard to deliver fully comprehensive Bespoke packages to suit all your individual needs.

From fast track or pay monthly options, partly funded driving courses to fully funded driving courses. We have a variety options for you to choose whichever best suits your current lifestyle.

Once you have completed your training, Kinetic Driving School offers a full refund on training fee’s if you decide to become part of our team. This is only valid if you have paid for your course in full.

Key benefits at Kinetic

  1. “One to One” in car training totalling 54 hours
  2. On call area managers to support your training
  3. Ordit registered instructor trainers in Sussex
  4. A personal instructor trainer for your full training
  5. Bespoke training packages tailored to your individual needs
  6. The latest training techniques
  7. Client centred learning
  8. No classrooms
  9. No videos
  10. No car sharing with other trainees
  11. Instructor training only options
  12. Pay monthly options
  13. Fast track options
  14. Course funding available
  15. A choice of a guaranteed Kinetic working placement with full diary support
  16. We train around your current commitments
  17. Full office with pupil and accounting support once qualified
  18. Fast track, 6 month or 12-month courses available

Importance of choosing “The Right Trainers” for your new career

At Kinetic, we ONLY use Ordit registered instructor trainers in Sussex as they undergo continuous testing of their teaching methods and training material by the DVSA. You can have the confidence knowing you’re receiving the highest level of training available with Kinetic.

The DVSA recommends Ordit registered instructor trainers, however, being Ordit registered is voluntary and not compulsory, so many driving instructor schools advertise to train instructors, but are not qualified by Ordit to do so.

It takes great dedication and commitment to pass the testing, and you can be rest assured that our trainers are all qualified and will proudly display their training qualification badge in car.

We understand that there is no one style of learning, which is why we deliver a “One to One” training opportunity and do not train on mass in classrooms. We never skimp on training and send you videos to watch, because after all, you wouldn’t send a learner driver a video to watch and then send them out on the road to practice on their own, would you?

Driving Wheel

Client centred learning

We want our learners to be the best they can be, so our Training approach is Client Centred Learning based. This is an approach to learning that considers how a learner prefers to be taught.

Focusing on the learner and their way of understanding and retaining information will help improve their skills a lot more effectively and giving them the best opportunity to understand what they are learning quickly.
The DVSA changed the way they wanted Instructors to be trained and tested in 2018 with a complete overhaul of the old Part 3 test.

Each trainee is taught in the most up to date training methods as advised by the DVLA. This not only ensures that we train and produce great driving instructors, but it gives you the best opportunity of passing your exams and achieve the highest grades possible.